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About Us

Our Story: 

Meet Haven Joi, the face of Bout That Light, her journey to light started when she decided to take control of her mental health after years of bullying. Constant taunts of being called a “stick” and too skinny had taken a toll. Instead of allowing that darkness to consume her she decided therapy, meditation, crystal work, and exercise was the better, brighter route. The light she has begun to find within has helped her grow from a “stick” into a beautiful tree. Her trip to becoming the light she would like to see has inspired the beginning of our own quest to being “Bout That Light.” 


Our Mission:

Our desire is to raise awareness of the mental health services available to our community while simultaneously raising extra funds for the providers that helped Haven and so many others during their own journey to light.


Our Goal:

Our ultimate intention is to open a space that feels welcoming and healing to all. A place to come and meditate if that is what you desire. Or maybe just come sit, eat, drink tea and be heard if that is what is needed. A space that feels safe, full of books, plants, food, and connections with others. An area where we can all be “Bout That Light.”